This is quite confusing because unlike the iPhone 8 plus which was an upgrade after iPhone 8, HTC U12 plus did not come after the regular HTC U12. The HTC team has really tried to focus on some interesting features so as to make it appear different from the competing models.

HTC U12 Plus Specifications 

Dimensions: 156.6 by 73.9 by 8.7 mm
Weight: 188g
Camera: Dual 16MP rear, dual 8MP front
Screen size: 6 inch
Storage: 64/128GB
Battery: 3500mAh
CPU: Snapdragon 845

The HTC U12 Plus design 

Some features include: It is water and dust resistant, does not have a headphone port. A curvy back made of glass. In some leaked photos it appears to be in red, black and translucent shades. The HTC U12 Plus is 156.6 by 73.9 by 8.7-9.7 mm and weighs about 188g.

It also has a glass back that is curved with a dual lens camera and a rear fingerprint scanner. It has a strong rounded design and a two-tone effect. The material used is premium although it might crack because it looks so fragile.

The phone comes with a clear plastic case that is packaged in the box. This case gives more protection to the phone and minimises chances of breaking in case the phone falls.
However, it would better if the size of the phone was much lesser. It is 8.7mm thin but is a large mode and this makes it a ‘phablet’. This makes it hard to hold this phone.
Nothing is as amazing as a wireless charging phone. Unfortunately, that is one area where the HTC U12 Plus has failed. This has not been added to this flagship device which is disappointing because currently most devices have this feature.

The price and release date 

This is a device that is not so costly. This is compared to other brands like the iPhone X and Samsung galaxy S9. The price is 699 euros which is 799 dollars. This is fair and a price that can attract the attention of many customers. According to HTC the HTC U12 Plus will be launched on 23rd of May. However, it will start being purchased on June. For Europe this will be possible during middle month. Later US will be next on the chain.

The HTC U12 Plus in the US will be available at Verizon and probably in the other branches in the UK. It will also be on sale on Amazon and


Among all the other phones from HTC this HTC U12 Plus has the best screen so far. It has Hi-res, longer display without a notch. It is 6 inch, 18:9 1440 by 2880 resolution but does not have a notch unlike most phones. The colors are also very sharp so this makes it awesome for those who love movies because they can watch them on their HTC U12 Plus phone because of this amazing screen. On top of that it comes with boom sound speakers. However it does not support HDR, great off-angle brightness or colour reproduction, if offered it would be an exciting device to own.


Well this phone can take good photos both during the day and at night too. The audio is great as it has boom-sound speakers. It lacks a notch and some people prefer a phone without one.


The volume buttons are pathetic because at times they make it difficult to use the phone. It is of big size and holding it is a little strenuous, again the battery life is not too exceptional. Although it has a nice screen it’s not as good as other competing brands.